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ITC Partners With Warwick Goalie Masks

03/28/2012, 9:57am MDT
By Timm Lorenz

Warwick Is Offering Specials And Discounts To ITC Students

In The Crease is excited to be in partnership with Warwick Masks. Warwick Mask Company is the world leader in creating custom goalie masks for professional and amateur goalies. Each Warwick Custom Goalie Mask is handcrafted for the individual goalie to ensure the perfect fit for higher safety and greater performance.

Chad Warwick, who is located in the Boulder area, is the man behind the science and production of the mask. Chad does everything from selling helmets to refurbishing, which includes custom padding, painting, chip repair and new hardware.

As part of the new partnership, Chad Warwick has agreed to offer ITC students a price cut on refurbishing along with a limited time $150 off a new .44 Mag mask! Listed below are the ITC/Warwick specials, please contact Chad at 303-720-1741 or and mention that you are an ITC goaltender.

 ITC / Warwick Specials:
Special #1
o   Interior $125.00
o   Custom Re-padding
o   Chin Cup + Strap
o   2 Sweat bands
Special #2
o   Paint $250.00
o   Includes special #1 Interior 
o   Solid Color paint
o   Repair minor chips 
o   All new stainless steel hardware
o   Back pad straps
o   Crack repair extra and based on individual mask
Special #3
o   Cage Replacement $125.00
o   Stainless Steel Cage and hardware
Special #4

o   Brand New Top of The Line .44 Mag Goalie Mask-$850.00.  For the entire month of April $150.00 off!!!

o   Solid Color Paint - Black or White
o   Polished Stainless Steel Cage
o   Mask Bag
o   T- shirt while they last

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